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Out in India:
A Family's Journey


Official Selection, Outfest, 2008
Official Selection, Frameline, 2008
Official Selection, Ashland International Film Festival, 2008

What would you do if you were a couple with two young children, and one of you received a grant to spend a year in India on a project that could potentially save millions of lives? Would it matter if you were a gay couple with adopted children? Would it matter if many saw the project as marginal and flakey, because you were bringing together painters, puppeteers and artists of every stripe to stop the deathly march of AIDS through a developing country?

If you are David Gere and Peter Carley, you leave behind your jobs, home and friends. You pack up your children and fly 36 hours across the globe, where for the next year you attempt to retain your sanity while pursuing a noble dream.

Out in India is their story: a documentary film about the transforming power of love, and the universal power of the arts. It is directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom Keegan, who worked intimately with the participants in the U.S. and India for over a year.

Keegan’s most recent project is Sweet Life, an award-winning fairy tale about a two-daddy family. The film played at major festivals from AFI in Los Angeles to Milan, Italy, and won the audience award at the Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival. In addition to his own projects, Tom has directed numerous trailers, commercials, industrials and shorts, including Open Adoption: A Tapestry of Stories.

Producer and editor Gopika Sharma grew up in Delhi, India, where she received a degree in business before coming to the U.S. to study at Columbia College Film School. She worked at NDTV in Delhi and was most recently a video producer at Vivendi Universal Games, producing and editing industrials, games, promos and commercials.