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Gabe Tomorrow


Every year in the United States, dozens of toxic sites are introduced to the nation’s Superfund program — the most visible sliver of a pollution problem that is spreading throughout this country. As new chemicals are introduced daily into our environment, regulators are seeing their funding cut and powers of enforcement under threat.

Gabe Tomorrow follows a year in the life of one family dealing with the repercussions of this problem. Seventeen-year-old Gabe Dunsmith is in his last year of high school — applying to college, experiencing first love and moving into adulthood. He is also managing his ongoing healthcare after contracting thyroid cancer at age 11, and researching a toxic site near his home where workers dumped TCE into a creek where he played as a boy.

As Gabe learns more about the site, what once seemed like a random and isolated illness now looks like a premeditated crime — and a sign of a much larger problem. When the responsible company refuses to address the contamination, Gabe and his family become determined to bring the truth to light and to force an immediate cleanup, in this coming-of-age story for an environmentally challenged world.

Directors Francine Cavanaugh and Adams Wood previously made On Coal River.